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Inspiring stories directly from our patients

Air Ambulance Medical Flight Stories

We are honored to have played a part in these heart-touching stories. Each of these patients have generously allowed Angel MedFlight into their lives to capture their trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

My Real Life Moment Featured Story

Six-time Olympic medalist Amy Van Dyken-Rouen was involved in a severe ATV accident in Arizona and was paralyzed by a spinal cord injury. Amy and her husband, Tom, were determined to get the best rehabilitation therapy for Amy’s type of injury and decided on Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. They contacted Angel MedFlight for a medical flight to the hospital, which is a Center of Excellence for rehabilitation. Angel MedFlight documented Amy's transport and followed up on her recovery two months later. See Amy’s champion spirit and determination to move forward. This is an inspiring rehabilitation journey.

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"Professional from the first phone call when we were making arrangements to get our dad out of Cancun in June, to the most recent phone calls to my parents this week as their case file is closed. They put my mom, sister and I at ease, and were in control of the situation, letting us know that our dad was in good hands and everything would be alright"   - Julie (Facebook Review)

Featured Testimonial: Lindsay's Story

There I was: lying in a hospital bed, barely coherent, trying to maintain consciousness in between seizures long enough to understand what my doctor was saying.

"It's time for hospice."

Even in my barely conscious state, I was shocked to my core. I knew things were bad. My weight was down to an unimaginably low number and my blood pressure and heart rate were barely discernible.

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Nobody says it better than our patients and case managers.

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