Retired Astronaut and U.S. Navy Captain

Astronaut Mark Kelly and Angel MedFlight

Retired Astronaut and U.S. Navy Captain

Mark Kelly is an American astronaut, retired United States Navy Captain, New York Times best-selling author, and experienced aviator with more than 6,000 flight hours in over 50 different aircraft. He flew combat missions in the first Gulf War and has made four trips into space; his final mission was as the last commander of space shuttle Endeavour.

Mark serves as an independent safety advisor for SpaceX and is co-founder of World View Enterprises, an Arizona-based aerospace company which is pioneering a frontier at the edge of space.

Mark also serves on several corporate boards, including the board of directors of Angel MedFlight.  



EXPERIENCED Aviator with more than 6,000 flight hours in over 50 different aircraft 

FOUR MISSIONS Into space, the last on spaceship Endeavour

SERVES AS An independent safety advisor for SpaceX

BOARD MEMBER On the Angel MedFlight Board of Directors

NEW YORK TIMES Best-selling author of both fiction and nonfiction books

Mark’s Story

In January 2011, Mark’s wife, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in an assassination attempt. This tragic event forced Mark to learn more about air medical transport options as he searched for an air ambulance service to transfer Gabby to Houston for recovery and rehabilitation.

Mark understands all too well the needs of families facing the challenge of having to move a sick or injured family member across the country. He has reviewed Angel MedFlight’s best-in-class aviation and clinical safety protocols and is confident in the service that Angel MedFlight provides its customers.

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All of us, working on your behalf to ensure a successful mission.


Sandra's Story

70-year-old Sandra Olsen traveled to Nairobi, Kenya as a volunteer on a medical mission. During a work-related trip to Uganda, Sandra was bitten by a mosquito. Approximately a week later, she went into shock with an altered mental state and suffered an overall loss of kidney function.


Why Mark Kelly Joined Angel MedFlight